Thursday 21 December 2017

New website for our props and giant light up letters hire

Sooooo much behind the scenes work has been going on here at Vowed and Amazed, as we have been working with designer extraordinaire Becky Lord. I can't tell Becky enough how enjoyable she made the whole process,  which honesty is not the experience i've had with websites in the past.  I almost want to keep her secret but that just wouldn't be fair!

You can view our lovely shiny new site here Vowed & Amazed.  We just keep looking at it!

We also have a website shop launching in Jan.  It won't be as big a selection of 'to buy' items as before (but remember we also offer a bespoke build service on signs and props) but by goodness these select beauties are pretty joyful!  More on that in Jan.

We decided on a new site because wise we are no longer famed just for our giant hire letters,  but for so much more. Our neon and mixed media sign hire is going great guns and we are having so much fun designing new pieces, so we wanted a fresh site that gave centre stage to all of our fabulous event hire props,  not just our dazzling giant letter hire.

Maddy from SEO masters Making Your business Shine also had a helping hand and we are going to be working really hard on getting our google rankings where they should be, as the longest serving light up letter hire company we haven't been shining as brightly as we could when it comes to SEO, so time to start! 

Thank you so much Becky and Maddy and we hope al of our clients past, present and future love the new site as much as we do.

Merry Christmas all!  We'll leave you with an Christmassy snap of our large hire letters.

Love Caroline, Stuart & Team Vowed and Amazed xxx

Tuesday 5 September 2017

Vowed and Amazed light up props galore and a new sister company

We are just terrible at keeping up with our blog!

We've been so busy with Vowed and Amazed.  We have had a lot of issues with less scrupulous companies making copies of our designs,  it's all enforceable of course but incredibly time consuming, draining and it really takes away form our favourite activity of just getting on and designing and building things. We aren't talking about light up letters of course, but our more heavily design pieces like our 'Til death light up sign.

To help discourage the design "borrowers" we are forgetting "simple" and going forward just designing and engineering the heck out of all of our new pieces, basically making them too fabulous to easily copy!

What else?!...

We've also been working on our new venture The Curious Collection Ltd. this is where we house our slightly more 'out there' designs.  Honestly it's the place we keep props for hire, that we are desperate to make, but maybe not so many people happen to want to hire!!
We are also using it as the main point for our bespoke designs for others. Do you need any bespoke fabrication of props etc?

The star of the collection so far is definitely the neon hoops for hire.

There was a great piece about The Curious Collection in Brides...

The Curious Collection tagline is Prop hire for the curious,  Fabrication for the fabulous.

Are you following our Insta? Follow Vowed and Amazed here.  The Curious Collection here.

V&A and TCC xxx

Monday 18 January 2016

New light up things!

Hello there!

We've had as hectic a summer as ever with our giant light up letters, but we managed to squeeze in designing and fabricating a couple of new pieces and we've got more being built in our workshop currently!

Here is our new medium light up star, a bit more of a practical prop than our large star but looks excellent in a trio too!

And we are lucky enough to have a very talented friend named Amy that runs a fabulous calligraphy business called Myrtle & Co and we collaborated with her on our giant light up mirrors.  They are available to hire plain or get in touch with Amy for a calligraphy quote. Hire by clicking here!

And finally we bring the PARTY to you! 
These are the perfect size light up letter to adorn a mantelpiece, table, or on a bar! Smaller than our giant letters it's the perfect party piece. Hire here! 

Oooh and, and, and! our giant light up letters were used alongside Ricky Gervais and Brian May at the Animal Hero Awards and we featured on Strictly,  we'd worked with some of the dancers before so it was great to finally be on the show!

Keep an eye out for our new items coming soon fresh from the Vowed and Amazed workshops.

Love, V & A xxx

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Pretty in Pink!!

We had a bit of fun shooting our Pink Lawn Flamingos the other day!  Hire available from a pair to a whole flock! 

These flamingos are the genuine “Don Featherstone” design (with his signature), cast from the original molds created in 1957 by Union Products in Leominster, Massachusetts.

Saturday 11 April 2015

Making new things and moving!

Hi Y'all!

We've been a bit quiet on here lately! We moved offices and have had lots of bespoke pieces to make in our workshops.  Our giant light up letters are going great guns,  and we have added a new piece to our collection… a sit on moon photo backdrop,  it's pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves! 

It's a fun alternative to a photo booth and you can easily fit two people on the moon with room for more folks gathered around see for hire info.

We are currently working on two more fabulous photo walls launching soon hopefully! 

We are also working on a really dramatic light up sign,  can't say much as it is all hush hush but we can't wait to preveiw it.

We will leave you with some pictures of our work in the last few months.

Speak soon! Hopefully with images of our new pieces,  we are also working on a very exciting photo-shoot with some new pieces that for once we didn't build ourselves!  They are pink and pretty snazzy! Wait and see! 

Caroline, Stuart and the team at Vowed & Amazed


Thursday 27 March 2014

Own a mini version of Vowed & Amazed! light up letters and signs!

Well….. We started as just one set of giant light up letters, which we made for our very own wedding.  Both working in set design previously we used our skills to full effect on our big day decor and our theatrical prop company sprang from that happy event! 

4 years on and Vowed & Amazed!  has become our obsession, our day job and our hobby!  

We realised one day how lovely it would be to make mini versions of our pieces for our happy couples (and anyone else!) to  have as a keepsake!  After a year of prototypes here they are!  
Vowed & Amazed! mini signs to buy!!! 

Skilfully Handmade in England like all of our pieces.

Love, Caroline & Stuart (V&A!)

Contact: Online shop coming soon...

Heart W 450mm, H 400mm, D 80mm
£260 with message on scroll

Joined together Love W 700mm, H 280mm, D 80mm

Letters/numbers W 320mm, H 310mm, D 70

‘&’  W 190mm, H180,  18mm

Star W 400mm,  H 400mm, D 80mm

Colour options! 

All images and designs ©VowedandAmazed